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Tracie Sherwood

Co-Owner/ Certified POUND Pro

Tracie is a wife and mom of two beautiful daughters. Tracie joined 3D Fitness Studios as a student in 2017 and quickly grew fond of the classes and atmosphere. Within a few months, Tracie obtained her POUND Rockout Workout certification and began teaching classes.  Tracie fell in love with 3D Fitness and by spring of 2018 became part owner of the quaint boutique studio. 


ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Revelation Instructor and Ambassador, and Certified POUND Pro

Jane is a devoted wife and mom of 2 amazing young men. She has a long history of fitness and nutrition, which started in 2009. Through proper exercise and nutrition, she was able to overcome chronic back pain and severe digestive issues, without surgery or medicine. But in 2016, she was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, which stopped her in her tracks. She was unable to physically stay active due to chronic muscle weakness and nerve pain. After almost 2 years of daily medication, chronic pain, muscle loss, and fatigue, she decided to make a change and found 3D Fitness in January 2018. By March, she was 100% medication-free and enjoying life again. She decided in August 2018 to get her Fitness Nutrition Certification so she could teach others how healthy foods can heal your body. She launched her “You Are Enough” healthy eating program in January 2019, where she continues to teach women how to eat healthy in their “real lives”. In February 2020, she became a Fitness Teacher Gospel Preacher and completed her Revelation Wellness Instructor Certification. She is also a Revelation Wellness Ambassador and uses fitness to share the love of Jesus with JesusFit and You are enough by Jane. She is also an ACE CPT and POUND Pro. 

Jane Cross


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Dana Duke

 Certified YogaFit Instructor, POUND Pro & Personal Trainer

Dana is a wife and mother of a 2 children. She became frustrated when her Dr. could not help her chronic fatigue and debilitating headaches. Dana started looking into nutrition and the effects it has on the body, which lead her to a change her diet eliminating all processed foods. Her headaches became few and far between; however, she was still lacking in the energy department. She decided to start adding in exercise and started having energy, but was looking for something that was fun and challenging. This is when she discovered Pound Fit at 3DFitness in February 2017. She enjoyed this workout so much, that in September 2017, she became a Pound Pro. 

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